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Exhibitions & Events Design Service

We’ve worked with numerous clients over the years to help them achieve fantastic results for their exhibition, event and meeting requirements. The consultative phase is key to this success. Every job is different and frequently there is a ‘trial by fire’ element in dealing with the client’s expectations, against what is feasible and what third party event organisers will allow.

At Egglab our approach is to never assume anything. Check, check and check again with clients, suppliers and organisers before delivering any design concepts.

The next stage is to visualise the event, visit the space (if required), check measurements, electrical, lighting and sound requirements and to deliver draft drawings of our proposed event design.

From there, a full written proposal is generated, plus scale models of the space in overhead and 3D formats for client approval. If required (and if the budget allows) we will animate our 3D model to facilitate a virtual walk around of the space and proposed design.

This is the all important stage in the bringing together of all exhibition assets into their final signed-off form. We liaise time and time again with the client, suppliers and exhibition organisers in regards to turnaround times, logistics and the destination of all deliverables. Key to this stage is a near constant stream of communications by which we continually keep our client updated.

We pride ourselves on keeping all parties ‘in the loop’ with this final stage and following each and every ramification with a paper trail for the assurances of all parties involved.

Consultation: check feasibility and logistics – manage client expectations
Design of exhibition space
To scale planning of the space and proposed designs in 2D and 3D renderings
Room dressing: design of posters, lectern panels and pop-up stands systems
Print management of all aspects: stands, floor stickers, flyers, press-packs and other bespoke printed items
Sound: original music and design of soundscapes and ambient surround-sound solutions
Video solutions; production of 3D opening AVs, filmed pieces plus a full rendering and editing facility
Lighting design. Hire of lighting director and key lighting personnel
Full and transparent communications with all suppliers on the clients behalf with clear paper trails